Riverside Park 2016

The 2016 BC Tree Climbing Championships will be held at Riverside Park in Kamloops.  


Tim Aamodt
Matthew Beatty
Louis  Burgess
Ryan Cafferky
Daniel Chamberlain
Spencer Clark
Ryan Coulos
Tiger Devine
Shane Dorion
Davis Fernstrom
Adam Hartshorne
Dan Holliday
Dan Kraus
Dylan Neilson
Colin O'Hare
Adela Parlesak
Stanislaw Pennors
Shaun Quirey
Laura Ralph
Darren Rezeli





Kasey Swenson
Justin Temple
John Thompson
Eli West
Richard Wilson
Robbie Wilson
Cody Woelfle
Antony Wood


Tree North Industries and Savoy Equipment will be at Riverside Park with gear for purchase.



2015 Final Results

Preliminary Overall Results

Women's Overall:
1. Julia Ratcliffe
2. Adela Parlesak

Men's Overall
1. Dan Chamberlain
2. Dan Holiday
3. Isaac Ries