Soakin Loam TCW 2017


Please join us at the Soakin Loam Tree Climbers Workshop, featuring:

Taylor Hamel (Technical Representative, DMM) - Friction, Force and Mechanical Advantage in Rigging Operations - Explore the effects of friction, rope angles and multiple anchor points in tree rigging ops.  Compare theoretical values to real-world examples.  Increase your knowledge base with information and techniques you can begin applying in the field immediately. 


Todd Manning (MASc, RPF, RPBio., ISA Cert. Arbor)  Owner at SRS Avimetrics - There is life after tree topping: Creating wildlife trees using innovative fungal inoculation and mechanical tree modification techniques - This presentation discusses the value of wildlife trees as a key forest ecosystem element, providing habitat to over 70 species of birds, mammals and amphibians in B.C. Since 2007, nearly 1000 wildlife trees have been created/enhanced in the east Kootenay region of BC using innovative fungal inoculation techniques developed by Todd Manning, at locations where there is currently a shortage of wildlife trees and in order to benefit selected species such as Western Screech-Owl and Lewis’s Woodpecker. Illustrations of some of this work will be presented.


Ryan Senechal (Safety & Training, BC Plant Health Care) - BC Falling & Bucking Endorsement - The BC Falling Standard and Falling/Bucking Endorsement pathway for Arborists demystified:  This session takes an in depth look at the BC Faller’s certification exam, and clarifies Safe Work Procedures that are common evaluation hang-ups for Urban Arborists hoping to fall trees larger than 6” diameter in compliance with WorkSafeBC OHSR 26.21. 


Eugene Liang (High Performance Director, Triathlon Canada) - Foundations of Coaching and the High Performance Mindset - This course assists attendees in developing and maintaining a high performance mindset, skills and knowledge of high performance coaching as well as integrating said skills into a team environment.  Specifically, it focuses on goal definition, goal refinery, goal setting and performance on demand.


These presentations are both indoors and outdoors so please dress accordingly to stay comfortable.

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Times, Location

February 11th, 2017  10AM-5PM

Victoria BC at HCP Gardens

505 Quayle Road